My List of #10 Creative Things to do for New Mothers

Little did I know that on the other side of my pregnancy, there was an entire different world that was waiting to embrace me? Somehow I didn't realise then, that life was going to revolve around my little one, and so much so that I would even time my loo visits according to his schedule.... Continue Reading →

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A Solution to ‘Disobedience’ – Talk to your child!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge! DAY #4 - #DISOBEDIENCE: That was today's prompt!! This was the only prompt I was facing the most difficulty drafting. I was at a loss of ideas to write about. I even did something I never do - surfed online to check... Continue Reading →

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Stressfree Parenting! Need of the Hour!

At a very young age, almost sixteen, I had decided that I want to quit all my preparations for IIT-JEE and pursue film making instead. And I was in it for the love of artistic expression and story telling; and not for the fame or riches. I was from Mumbai, but I had no contacts... Continue Reading →

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6th October 2016: #Nostalgic & HOW!!

A post describing my most beautiful moment of life - giving birth to my son, Yuddhweer!

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Decoding #Sleep #Patterns

A blog post about decoding sleep patterns in new borns or infants & quick tips about how to not lose your mind over it!

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What #Kind of a Mother are you?

It is blog post reminding mothers of the most important hashtag they need to give themselves - #ResponsibleMother

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8 Time and Energy Saving Benefits of Breast-Feeding

Last week was the ’Breast-feeding Week - 1st August to 7th August! It was first celebrated in 1992 by World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) and is now observed and promoted worldwide. I purposely refrained from posting any particular #breastfeedingweek posts. It is not that I don’t believe in breast-feeding (At eleven months, my child... Continue Reading →

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How could you leave me alone?

So when a modern day new mother is struggling to really chose between the child and her career - there maybe a voice of the child that you are overlooking in the whole scenario.

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Personalised ‘Creative Environment’ for my child

I was filling up the School Admission Form of a nearby Waldorf Steiner School, when I very proudly wrote, "Even before I knew I wanted to be mother, I knew which school I would send my child to!" Giving my child the right environment to blossom has been my only criteria in choosing the school.... Continue Reading →

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Wise advice for first-time mommies.. Really?????

Yesterday's Mumbai Mirror had this two pager article promoting Rujuta Diwekar's new book - Pregnancy Notes. Excerpts from the article: The thing is that a lot of women use getting pregnant and delivering babies as a valid reason for sporting a flabby stomach. Just like they use marriage as an excuse for giving up on... Continue Reading →

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Post-Partum Depression is not just a theory!

This is a blog post helping new mothers realise that what they are probably feeling is post partum depression, which is quite common, and equally easy to overcome.

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Indian list of 10 things no one told me before I delivered

When you have newly delivered and are a little lost because nothing you read or heard has fully prepared you for what really happens; you run to Google with your specific questions. And half the time - if you are residing in India - the answers don't do you any good. Here is my Indian list... Continue Reading →

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Why I wish I have a Baby Boy only!

An old lady, with hands trembling because of Parkinson's, slowly walked to her son who was seated on the sofa in the drawing room of their freshly furnished new house. There was a certain excitement in her eyes. Her 'bhajan mandali' friends were waiting outside the house for her, and she had come in to... Continue Reading →

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How safe is the ‘Paracetamol’ in Pregnancy

Ever since I got pregnant, the one thing I have been afraid of is putting anything into my body that is not natural. Something as simple as a bleach on my face also I have avoided. Or eating outside food. Because I have been dreading falling sick like crazy. Since the day one, this thing... Continue Reading →

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Just when you were smoothly sailing in your pregnancy through your second trimester; suddenly one day the boat rocked a bit and then instantly things got a little difficult!! A long list of physical complaints has filled your head! And you wonder whether all this is normal or are these some signs. Your mind is... Continue Reading →

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Things to keep ready by the 8th Month!!! Its time; anytime now!!

  When we browse through the internet, we find a lot of blogs and Pinterest pictures that prepare us for our pregnancy and motherhood. But most of them are international writers. And that leads to cultural differences that we have to face while being in India and wanting to follow them. Indian culture and its... Continue Reading →

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10 SIGNS that confirm your pregnancy!! No need for all those tests!!

Even if no one tells you - neither your urine test nor your sonography - Here are 10 signs that will a hundred percent confirm your pregnancy:   1. Sleep, my love, where art thou!!!???!!! You feel as tired as the soldier who has fought hard for months in this battle and yet when you lie... Continue Reading →

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Welcome to Phase I: All this is so new! What to do??

It all started with me bumping into my childhood friend, who also happened to be pregnant and our pregnancies going pretty parallel, with hardly a difference of two weeks. Suddenly knowing that we have each other for a company, we were relieved. There were so many questions that I wanted to ask... Wanted to ensure... Continue Reading →

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#10 Quirky Questions! Some may ask, some may shy away!!

We all have these funny questions that we find odd asking people or particularly Doctors, fearing that they will judge us. We all shy away from being judged. Though there are some people who are outspoken and never short of questions for the Doctors or elders; most of us try to seek our answers our... Continue Reading →

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Channa Mereya – Now the father of my child!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge! And I have tuned on to one of my latest favourite songs - Channa Mereya.  Each time I listen to this song, I am instantly exported to the time when I used to listen to it on a loop. Last year, this song came... Continue Reading →

Our #LittleMonster

One fine day, we found the news; Another finer day, he kicked and proved; Another finest day, he jumped out and cried to be alive!   Our life changed, when this #LittleMonster arrived; Our routine changed according to his mighty wish; Our priorities changed, almost overnight; making us more responsible of our resources and more!... Continue Reading →

Courage over comfort!! Anyday!

"You can choose courage or you can choose comfort (but) you cannot have both" - Brene Brown. The family was having dinner - Ma, Pa, GrandPa, Daughter and Son! As a usual practise, this was the meeting ground for the entire family to have ritualistic discussions on everything and life in general, each night. And... Continue Reading →

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